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A weird day!

Today the day it was just to weird. In the morning I was dying for the heat, then in less than two hours started to get cloudy, and the it was a rainy day. But I'm not complaining at all, I love the rain and the snow. So I'm kind of happy I guess.
Okay, so this is my first entry since I create this account like almost three years ago. I found out I have it in the most random way. I was going to search the page of a friend to see her new art and then my computer log me in automatically and I was surprise. I know I have a lot of pages everywhere and normally don't use them but I think this would be useful just to post my thoughts after a long day of stress. I really love the entertainment industry, really but it's just to difficult to over look a lot of things. I want to be a director and producer, not just an employ of someone else, it's tyring doing the work of someone else just because that person is "tired" or "hungry". I mean I'm also a human being, I also get hungry, and tired, and mad, but I don't go giving orders to everyone. But well, I just need to let it pass. I know there's going to be a day when I'm going to be one of them, but I will do my everything just to be the most down in the earth person out there.

I think this all for today, I'm hungry and really really tired. I need to take a shower and just lay down to enjoy a very good movie. Well I'm sure more than enjoy it I'm going to be criticizing the dialogs, the editions, the takes and stuff, but well that's the life af all the directors. And I'm sure that the singers also do that when going to a concert, an actor/actress when going to the movies, seeing a drama or going to the theater.

Sad isn't it? But I will never change my life for anything. I guess I'm just to in love with my life. 

With <3 Kitty!!


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